Friday, September 28, 2007

She brings it all on herself

For those of you with a soul, reading this blog must be tough sometimes as we are quite relentless in our hassling of celebrities. I often find myself wondering how feeling bad for them must feel. But even those of you with the kindest of hearts have to admit that there are some celebrities out there who clearly are gluttons for punishment and ridicule. Britney Spears obviously comes to mind. Let's just go ahead and add Rumer Willis to that list:

For real, bitch?! You seriously just dyed your hair blonde??? The chin wasn't doing enough damage on its own? You decided to surround it with a bleached fro???? I just don't get it...especially since she was looking pretty good at some Emmy party recently:

The light at the end of the tragic tunnel that is your life was shining brightly, and you just sat under it and let it fry your hair. You must WANT me to make fun of you, right Rumer? I mean...there really is no other explanation for what you have done.

Go to the Source. Seriously, there are more pictures of this disasterpiece. My favorite one though is the first thumbnail. The small version of the picture above makes her look like that eyebrow baby from the Simpsons:

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Crude Oil - $80/barrel. Zach Morris Face Oil - Priceless

Normally I hate when blogs post pictures of their favorite 80s/90s stars and are all "OMG what HAPPENED??!!! He was totally my fav! Omigosh u guys! Remember that episode where Jessie was on SPEED??" as if NO ONE else in the world has ever seen that episode, or any other episode of Saved by the Bell and the truly epic LULZ ensue. But when someone looks as tragic as Zach Morris does these days, I feel like it is my civic duty to bring this to your attention. It looks like Marc-Paul has dyed his hair some strange shade of auburn, which has really brought the redness out in his face, likening his skintone to that of a baboon's ass. He looks like a baboon's ass covered in Vaseline with a perm. I guess what I'm trying to say is that he looks pretty good. Keep learnin while you burn, Zach Attack.