Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I have never liked Kanye West. EVER! I have to admit that Kanye is good at what he does. It cannot be easy to find a way to convince throngs of white kids who don't know better fans, that bastardizing sampling already good music and throwing a beat and some bullshit lyrics on it equals talent/innovation/that you are not just P.Diddy in disguise, but this I will not stand for.

“We push each other,” says West. “I look at me and Justin [Timberlake] like Prince and Michael Jackson in their day.

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In a recent interview in XXL Magazine, Kanye proves yet again, why he is the biggest ass in the game.

“I feel like my lyrics are, if not THE, then equal to, the realest lyrics out,” he says. “I connected with so many people without talkin’ about guns and drugs. … It’s harder to go to work 365 days than shoot a person in one day.”

Got family in the D, Kin-folk from Motown
Back in the Chi - them folks ain't from Motown
Life movin' too fast I need to slow down
Girl ain't give me ass, ya need to go down

Well, I guess he ain't talking about killing nobody.

I actually hope that Kanye does sell more records than 50 Cent. I wouldn't mind never having to hear another word from that ass ugly, lisping, jack ass. Then once he's done that, I hope that Kanye says something else stupid, finally putting his foot in his mouth enough times to break his jaw. Again. But this time hopefully never to be heard from again.

Don't ever compare yourself to the Purple One, Kanye, or may God send a powerful, sexy, purple rain to smite you and your family. I hate you.