Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Where did it all go wrong for Mel? I think a time line might help.

October, 2006 - Melanie Brown and Eddie Murphy, (who is rumored to be a raging queen) are confirmed as dating and having a baby.

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"We're in love and get on really well. All the children have met and get on too - it's like a great big happy family. I can't wait to spend Christmas with him and I can't wait to have this baby." -Mel B.

December, 2006 - Eddie tells Scary and unborn baby to kick rocks.

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"I don't know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test." -Eddie Murphy

February, 2007 - Melanie begins dating long time friend and music producer, Stephen Belafonte.

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April, 2007 - After several months of looking
busted, bastard child born and unfortunately named Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

June, 2007 - Court-ordered paternity test confirms Eddie Murphy as being the father of lil' Angel Brown.

June, 2007 - Melanie Brown and Stephen Belafonte quietly wed in Las Vegas.

June, 2007 to present - Mel B. suffers countless ass beatings from her new hubby.
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* Girl, don't you know not to raise your voice or your hand to nigga you KNOW will hit your ass?*

Mel B's new husband Stephen Belafonte battered an ex-lover during a drink-fuelled frenzy that court papers described as "malicious and unlawful".

The 'roids this guy has coursing through his veins must have shrunk his brain along with his balls, as he claims the aforementioned beating "Happened crazily, one drunk, retarded night." because he was "confused and stressed."

First, Mel hooks up with Eddie Murphy and after a couple months wants to be with him forever but Eddie ain't feelin it, and pulls some cloak and dagger, now you see me now you don't shit. (you know gays don't like commitment) Now,
Scary has gotten herself into a whole new mess of problems by marrying this fool. Saying that she has daddy issues is pretty much the equivalent of pulling the race card, but I think that it certainly applies here.

I don't think your girl power is gonna get you out of this one, but good luck Mel!


jambles said...

i know scary spice looks hit...but seriously she is definately the more attractive of the two in this one.

i am glad someone finally posted. i was scared there for a second. i no longer feel cold.

Anonymous said...

I love you Jig.