Monday, August 13, 2007

Shiloh is wasted

Someone needs to tell little Queen Shiloh to lay off the sauce. I know living with three adopted/less important children is hard to cope with, but don't drink your pain away little one. You will rule us all someday! Meanwhile, Zahara takes this opportunity to claim her rightful place in the spotlight:

That's right, girl! Ham it up while that white baby is drunk! You have claimed the right to be called "second most important next to Shiloh" - a title that Maddox once held. And that boy is none to pleased with his placement at the bottom of the Jolie-Pitt ranks:

Back of the line, Maddox! Someone better give that boy some attention and quick. He's got a rage about him that I am not to eager to see in full effect. And then there's that other asian baby...Hmmmm - nothing really interesting to say about him. He's boring and should be traded for an Indian or a Samoan.

More pics of the Royal Family here (they're in Chicago, bitches!).


gdaysunshine said...


Anonymous said...

Shiloh is the only cute baby out of the whole clan. She should be first in line. I would re-give away all of those kids to the adoption agency they came from. Bad call Brangelina.

- Andrea.

mindy said...

I want those bebes! Just the girls though. I don't like boys. EWWW.

Anonymous said...

How does she manage to carry children and look like she's having to lug around a parka that she knew she should have just left in the car? Support the back, Ang. Children are wiggly, and seeing how this one's drunk, she's gonna flop right over backwards and bite it. Is YOUR bodyguard quick and moustachio-ed enough to stop your blessed offspring from plummeting toward earth?? Don't pull a Brit, darling. You're a class above.