Thursday, August 9, 2007

Chocolate Rain LIVE!

Tay Zonday was on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He speaks! Do you think Tay would play at my birthday party next year? I can think of no better way to ring in the anniversary of my birth than by Chocolate Rain on repeat for countless hours. I would also like him to read me bedtime stories...into my vagina. I think I'm in love with this man.


nic said...

I think one of the most telling things about our society that shows through on this video clip is that Tay beat out one of the highest paid, most-worth-his-paycheck, biggest film stars of the day to be on the show. Jimmy apologized to Matt Damon (love him or leave him) that they were out of time to speak with him. They chose Tay over Damon. That is bizarre!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Kimmel ALWAYS says that about Matt Damon. He wasn't really supposed to be on the show. Seriously old joke.