Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Britney Spears is most certainly not too hot for the hot tub

Perhaps starting this blog was not the best idea for me. I used to love all of this celebrity bullshit. "What?! What's that you say? Britney Spears skewered her sons, doused them in barbecue sauce, grilled them on her George Foreman lean mean grilling machine and served them to her house guests, who were comprised of slightly deformed lesbian midgets???? Fucking SWEET!" was generally my reaction to the crazy antics of the rich & famous. Now, I'm finding myself increasingly disgusted, but mostly just bored. Like when The Sun breaks the exclusive about some douchebag getting freaky in a pool with Britney:

Britney’s assistant hand-picked Mike and a group of male pals to go to her hotel for drinks by the pool.
Mike explained: “Britney was drinking Mojitos and she’d been drinking some Jack Daniel’s
“Suddenly she shocked everyone by just stripping out of her top.
“She went into the pool topless - her boobs were exposed and she had a drink in her hand and a hat on with sunglasses.”

How can shocked by anything this ho does anymore? Now, if she took her top off and in place of her boobs there were 1,000 tiny machine guns that shot bubbles...maybe, just maybe I would be shocked by that. But honestly, at this point, I'd probably just shrug and move on. Basically, this post is an excuse to post this video, which is much more entertaining that anything Ms. Spears has ever done or will do:


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