Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ain't that some shit?

Contrary to what I believe, Nicole Richie has told Diane Sawyer that she really is pregnant. Notice how I say "I believe" - present tense. I still believe that she is not pregnant. How can a malnourished, 80lb, sack of skin conceive a baby? No, she's just using this as her "get out of jail free card" - and if she can avoid jail time, then I'm sure she'll "miscarry". She said she's 4 months pregnant! Sweet lord...if that is true...No! I refuse to believe it. This is how I cope with the possibility that Nicole Richie will soon be responsible for the life of another human being; straight-up denial. I won't believe your lies, Nicole Richie! I'll believe you when I actually see the anorexic baby emerge from your baby slide. And you all know when that will be:

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MsPuddin said...

Yeah my girl is fourth months prego right now and she is showin...let me tell you...NR is lying trough her teeth!