Monday, July 30, 2007

Trend Alert: Blackface!

I'd like to present this is reason #3,235,986 that I don't watch the recently cancelled (Thank God!) piece of shit that is The Simple Life:

"Why, Girl #1, what's wrong with that?" you might find yourself asking, "She just looks overly tanned, per usual!".

That, my friends, is Paris Hilton's attempt at blackface. Yes, she was "transformed" into a "black" for her show. Nicole Richie did it too! Even more offensively, and unnecessarily, since she is actually part black:

Sweet lord. Honestly, I'm just jealous of the heiress. I was planning on bringing blackface back for a long time, but was going to wait until Fall 2K7 to debut my new look. That Paris, always one up on me...especially when it comes to highly offensive behavior.


mindy said...

Why did it take so long to cancel this show?

kdl said...

what, they can't remember what color shitface---er, shamefaced is?

nicole had to PRETEND TO be black? someone throw her back to Oakland.