Friday, July 27, 2007

Travolta becomes comfortable with baldness

I, on the other hand, am rendered increasingly uncomfortable.

One thing we haven't touched on much here is John Travolta and his inability to hide his baldness. We usually don't like to talk about John because he is a filthy Scientologist, but his insecurity about losing his hair is something that many men secretly fear. As you should, men. If you go bald - no one will like you. Women will be nice to your face, but behind your back they will be silently judging you and they will consider you less of a man. And your penis will shrink! John Travolta ain't scared though. He's embracing his baldness, and subsequently, his shrunken wang. Take a lesson from this Scientologist, boys. You too, can look this strapping - just let the baldness fly (the mullet, however, is optional. And not something we approve of)! And...let your wangs fly too. Freely in the open air. Just for LOLZ. But not you, Travolta. You keep your naked Scientology stick in your pants.

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