Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This breaks my heart. Truly.

Alls fair in love and celebrity blogging. I take much pleasure in writing hateful, spiteful, and generally bitchy things about people I only know through the articles I read off the internet or watch on some shitty entertainment TV show. I likes calling Britney Spears a fat, cheeto stained, train wreck. Lindsey Lohan is a whore. Why wouldn't I find joy in saying so?

This shit... this shit right here, it makes me want to start cutting myself again.
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I am going to need some time before I can openly talk about it, so in the meantime, I think I'll just send a letter.

Dear Ms. Hill,
Why do you looks like an old, sweaty, French, homeless, whore. Why so much rouge Lauryn? Why are you wearing so many Goddamn layers? I know them stage lights is hot! Why are holding that towel if you don't plan on using it? Are those feathers on your collar? Are those pants I see under your boobs? L.Boogie, what the hell is going on with you?

I have also read that you have been hittin' cities giving concerts equivalent to the outfit you sportin' . I still like your music Lauryn Hill (even the cryptic new shit) but I really need you to not try to pull some shit like this again. I can't let it slide. Next time you step out, take five things off. And NO, socks don't count! I imagine since you are homeless now, you're wearing more than a few pair. Also, wipe off some of that GD makeup. You're better than that. I hope you learn your lesson and get better soon.

Sincerely, Jigga the Nigga

*Please take a moment out of your day and let the video below play while you send up a prayer for Lauryn Hill. Let's all heal and grow together.*

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Lozo said...

aren't you two girls and a nigga now? am i allowed to ask that? what's up, my niggas?