Thursday, July 26, 2007

They are still making Bourne movies?

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! What the hell? They are still making Bourne movies and Julia Stiles is in them? Shiny, round face & all? Yikes! I just puked up a bit of my Hot & Sour soup in my mouth. Good thing I've never seen any of those shitty movies. It's also a good thing that Matt Damon loves his Mexi Argentinian wife:

Girl, I know you're a mexi or something, but get out of that tanning bed!

apparently more than Ben Affleck:

loves his wife, who was forced to waddle down the red carpet all on her own:

She looks fierce. Not in the Tyra Banks/Top Model way, but more in the "I'm coming to suck the brains out of your head through your ears and mama-bird them to my daughter" kind of way. And that's all I got, folks. Today marks the calm after the Lohan storm. We'll see what else the gossip world brings us, but if I'm posting about a Bourne movie premiere, chances are it ain't gonna be much. Julia Stiles, this one goes out to you...because the first three words describe your face:

More premiere here.

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