Friday, July 13, 2007

Suri Cruise carries blanket, Mom wears one

As Suri Cruise's cuteness stock continues to skyrocket, one has to wonder how much longer it will take before Katie Holmes grows tired of living in her child's shadow and resorts to smothering that a-hole of a baby. Oh, did you forget that she's an a-hole? Don't let pictures like this:

Distract you from the ass-holey truth. And, you might want to go back and re-read that blank or not-a-blank, because you're not getting a new one today. Like an alcoholic mother - in a delirious & drunken haze, I'm nonsensically scolding all of my bad children for not commenting on the feature last week. Truth be told, I've got another wedding to go to and don't have time to spew bullshit today. But Jiggs & Girl #2 do! So keep checking all the live long day.

One more pic of that a-hole here


mindy said...

Is Katie Holmes trying to BE Posh Spice now?

That bebe IS really cute, except sometimes I think she's cross-eyed. Is she cross-eyed?

nic said...

That little girl is amazing! Seriously!!

Molly said...

I think they both look so cute. I want Katie's bod, but since I am unlikely to grow six inches at this point in life-- it probably won't happen. [small voice] I like those pants. [/small voice]

That baby is delicious. I want a baby burger.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mindy, I was sort of wondering that too...I know babies have a tendency to go cross-eyed momentarily when they try to focus on something, but that's usually past by this time.

maria said...

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