Friday, July 13, 2007

Stop doing ho stuff and upload your video!

Do you have a vagina? Do you also have big 'ol titties? Well then today is probably your lucky day. Puffy is looking for a personal assistant, and chances are good that if you're a slut, IT COULD BE YOU! He wants all the sluts to upload their video interviews to you tube and then he will pick a lovely lady to bone. Then he'll pick another one. Then probably one more just for good measure. Unfortunately for Puffy, not many sluts are applying. We do have:

Guys who are taking this far too seriously

This poor guy doesn't seem to realize that Puffy could give two shits about your two degrees, unless you are a stripper and are wearing them as pasties.

Guys who don't understand what "video interview" means

Yep, this guy just took a screenshot of half of his resume, and just let that shit sell itself.

So far, there's not many promising candidates, but it's still pretty early in the game. Come on sluts! Where you be at? Puffy needs you! Here's a bit of advice. Stop with the words. All of them. Puffy doesn't want to see you talking. He wants to see you shaking dat ass. These girls aren't applying for the job - but they should be:

Come on sluts, you don't get an opportunity like this everyday! Can't turn a ho into a housewife, but you can turn a ho into a personal assistant for Puffy.

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Anonymous said...

Those girls in the "Do I look like a slut?" video are going to be mighty embarrassed by their actions in about 10 years. I did plenty of loserish things in my day but at least You Tube wasn't around to document it.