Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ska-Hippie Alert: Shaun White

What the shit are the ESPY Awards? Judging from this picture alone, I would guess that they are an award show honoring ska-hippies and trannies. Apparently, they are actually some sports award show, in which you get to see people like Lebron James do things like this:

I can hang with that. Hell, I kind of love that. What I don't like is being confronted by snowboarder Shaun White and his offensive ska-hippie mane. Shaun's hair is more straight up hippie than ska-hippie, but the vest sends him over into the sad world of ska-hipperey. And I'm sorry to be bringing this photo to you at all, but upon seeing it the depression resulting from the severe lack of gossip today combined with my numbing hangover created a rage in me that I haven't felt since the last time I saw a ska-hippie. For more from this pointless and forgettable award show go here. I'll try to control my anger from this point on today. But just so you know, I probably won't succeed.

1 comment:

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