Monday, July 30, 2007

She can feel it coming in the air tonight

Hold me tight, puppy, while I squeeze out a deuce.

And in today's obligatory "What crazy shit is Britney Spears doing now" news - she's having a breakdown while she films a sexy repulsive pole dance for her latest video:

This shit is getting really exhausting for me. Basically she looked a mess, and normally I would say that I was excited for this trash video to come out - but this has finally passed the point of amusing, and now can definitely be classified as straight up depressing. At one point, she allegedly "stared vacantly into the camera while she clutched her Yorkie puppie" and she "sobbed hysterically at the end of filming". I don't know what to say about this anymore. Britney's career and sanity are drowning, and I, like Phil Collins, am too far away to do anything about it. Nor would I really want to. I can feel Britney's Breakdown (version 3.0) coming in the air tonight. Get ready for it y'all.

More photos here


Girl #2 said...

i'm not quite sure i approve of you using Phil Collins in the same blog as Britney Spears. Even just their names being mentioned close together gives me the chills and not the good ones like the ones Phil gives me.

mindy said...

Poor Britney. I'm starting to feel sorry for her, actually.

sports handicapping services said...

Whoa! Amazing! Bad with words 'cause everything is so good!