Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's your turn, Michelle Williams

First, Kelly Rowland fell down:

Now Beyonce...has fallen:

Michelle Williams, as the third and final member of Destiny's Child yet to take a tumble, the world is waiting on you. Don't let these bitches upstage you with their falling! You can fall down better! You can fall down harder! Break something! Reclaim your space in the spotlight!

Edit: Aw shit, apparently Michelle Williams has already fallen.

HA! I guess all that's left is for Destiny's Child to re-unite, and then all fall down together, as a group. I'll wait for that

Thanks to TGG reader Kitty for pointing that out!


Kitty said...

Michelle williams Busted her ass a long time ago..

MsPuddin said...

Yeah I was about to say that girl already ate shit a long time ago...

Kitty said...

No doubt girl #1. You know I gotcha back. Love the site!! You guys keep me laughing and about to get fired at work. Keep up the good work!!!

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