Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I was enjoying forgetting about The Dunce

Oh, I'm sorry Kirsten Dunst did I catch you at a bad time? Were you just getting out of the shower or something? I ask because you are hardly wearing any clothes, and most importantly, you seem to be missing a bra that should be used to hold up those cow udders you call breasts. Oh no? You didn't get out of the shower? You went outside of your house looking like this? We're you trying to one-up your Oscar 2007 look by plunging that awful neckline even further in hopes to show the world your boobs prove to everyone what a great actress you are? But, I thought you said you'd only show your boobs for Pedro Almodovar (bottom of page)? It's not surprising that your requirements for showing your boobs have changed, and now you will gladly toss them on out there for a can of PBR and a pack of djarums - but, for the well-being of us all, please go back to your ridiculous, pretentious ways. And Pedro, please stay far, far away from this ho. This one was almost too close for comfort.


mindy said...

OMIGOD, what is happening to her boobies??

ray said...

f. that be sick.