Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Guess I'll just settle for the Spice Girls

In an interview in Scratch magazine Wyclef Jean puts Lauryn Hill on blast.

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"Lauryn is straight up the problem, bro. She wants to be a producer. Don’t come telling us how to chop up beats so you can get credit for it."

This in addition to the comments Pras recently made, I think its safe to say any dreams of a Fugees reunion have been laid to rest. I am torn. Anyone who knows me knows how much I loves me some Lauryn Hill and how much I want not to believe that she is on as much bullshit as everyone says, but...
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...how can I? It's too hard not to think that L.Boogie ain't gone and lost her shit when she keeps showing up places looking like a sweaty, puffy vagabond. I think that all the Fugees need to get get back to form, is to hire Lauryn a stylist. No one will think you have flipped your wig if you don't look like you have. The music soon will follow.

*better days*

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