Monday, July 23, 2007

God, where are you?

I hope that all of you faithful TGG readers were, much like myself, too drunk over the weekend to have already seen this . It's not breaking news, but it is funny as hell.

Paula Abdul has been teetering on the edge of insanity for some time now, but with her most recent breakdown, I think she is finally there. It's not enough that her music career has been defunct for years, ( remember Spellbound? ) and she has only become tabloid fodder since her stint on American Idol, she has gone completely APE SHIT too!

There are so many fantastically crazy bits throughout the entire video that I don't know where to begin. Paula yelling at her assistants, the tears, her saying that this was "the most hideous experience" for her to go through, the fact that is about the Bratz movie, but my absolute favorite part is when Paula asks "Where's God when you need him?"

I'm not entirely sure but I think I may have a few suggestions:
1) In Darfur?
2) Watching over Britneys kids. He's the only reason they're still alive.
3) Somewhere smiting a Gay.
4) Or a Jew.
Got any suggestions? Leave em in the comments.

*this is my favorite song to lose my shit to*


David said...

God is everywhere. God is love. Which means that god is what I feel for the new Baconator sandwich! 6 strips of pigmeat! If there's ever a sandwich with 10 strips of bacon, the universe may collapse on itself with glee! But seriously. Paula go bye-bye...

Anonymous said...

God really is the ONLY reason Britney's kids have made it this long.