Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gary Dourdan whoops ass

Gary Dourdan "beats the living crap out of TMZ photog" according to...well, TMZ.

Having watched all of the footage, a few things are very clear to me:

1) You shouldn't try to convince a person that spends countless amounts of time in front of a camera, that the one you are pointing at them is not really on.

2) The folks at TMZ are all celebrity stalking assholes, not much unlike our very own Girl #1

3) They could use a dictionary. From what I can tell, the ass whoopin' delivered was neither "shocking" nor was it "unprovoked"

4) Gary Dourdan is good looking brother, and frankly, I'd let him beat me / it up anytime.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you on that last one Jigga

Anonymous said...

He's still an a**hole for what he did. NOBODY has the right to beat someone up for doing their job. This guy is a bigot, loser, nobody who is probably using this for publicity to finally get his name known!...what a douche.

kitty said...

That photog deserved it but it would have been more gratifying if I actually got to SEE him whoop that ass. I don't think he's an asshole although he does have some asshole potential. Sometimes when your a big time CSI superstar a little ass just has to be whooped every now & then.If anything he's an asshole for the simple fact that i'll probably never get a piece of that sexy mutha...

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