Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Funny & Not Funny all at the same time

Here's a picture of Courtney Love that is funny:

Ha! What the hell happened to her! She looks like Janice from the muppets!:

Here's a picutre of Courtney Love that is not really that funny:

Jesus Christ...What the hell happened to her? Put those glasses back on, honey. I prefer comedy to depression. In fact, you should do a jig or something in order to help me forget that sad image. No? You don't jig, Courtney? Fine...I'll do my own jig, let me just find some jams to jig to...


nic said...

Courtney Love is a sad, sad person! :( But the Janice likeness is brilliant :)
I get it!

Anonymous said...

i dont get this website at all????