Monday, July 30, 2007

Bono is Fat

Its not the first time I have criticized the lead singer from U2, and it certainly wont be the last. Its obvious that I can't stand him. But for good reasons usually.

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When did Bono get so fat?? First off, I almost didn't recognize him and for a moment, mistook him for Robin Williams.

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So if that is really Robin Williams, I apologize. I don't care if you are fat or if you eat the Africans food because you don't patronize me when I don't help out poor people.

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Why is he telling people to send money and food and relief to Africa when its clearly never getting to poor people that are hungry and need it. Its obvious that Chubbo formerly known as Bono is eating it all or spending all the money on food and forgetting to puke it up.

That's fine though. Keep getting fat, Bono. I can't wait for you to release your first album as the lead singer for U2XXXXL.



Anonymous said...

Is he holding hands with two different women?

gdaysunshine said...

I'm shocked you'd call him fat and an asshole!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm also shocked you'd call him fat and an asshole!!!
...except for y'know, the fact that he is both...

Anonymous said...

He looks like a lot of guys may
as they approach 50, like he is
not as skinny as he was when at
age 20. No kidding! Who cares?
A man whos a bit heavier with
age is hardly 'causing others
to starve and can't do charity'.
It doesn't make him an ass, he
has worked hard to help others.
I will say, his wife is very hot.

Gonzalo said...

If we'd shot him in the head and chop his body to steaks we could feed a whole zambian family for a fucking year. This guy's an hypocrite

Grant said...

For some reason his fat, and the fact i can't zoom in on the pictures, make him look like a weird version of Robin Williams.

Maybe i am just crazy.

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