Monday, July 16, 2007

Baby Wang!

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click photo for NSFW (Kinda? I guess? I mean, it is a wang, albeit a baby one) version

Sorry, Daniel Radcliffe - but your record for youngest barely legal naughty bits on the blog has been completely shattered by Samuel Jason Black! At 13-months-old, the son of Jack Black & his wife, That Dog member Tanya Hayden, took no mercy in claiming the prestigious award of youngest wang on the blog - letting his little peep fly free though the sandy beach air. The proud papa (with his newly bleached locks) holds the baby up as if to say, "Behold! Feast your eyes upon my son's wang! It will only get better & bigger from this point on, ladies. The line forms to the right, and we will begin talks with his first suitors in 17 years". Anyone think they can beat this record? Come on, Ali Landry! I don't really know who you are, but you just had a baby! And in 18 years (or less) your baby is probably going to be flashing her boobies on the internets. Take control of that situation. Release those photos on your own terms. I'm sure your newborn baby would thank you if it understood concepts such as the internets, boobs, pictures, or flashing. Or if it had the ability to communicate.


Tiny said...

Only somebody who watches Entertainment Tonight as much as you do could use the word "locks" instead of "hair" without batting an eye.

candini said...

baby wang? your ass is going to get busted, girl #1, for child porn.