Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Crack baby, Frances Bean seen out and about with crack whore mother, Courtney Love.
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I would feel bad for the girl, if I thought there was ever a shot in hell for her. Sorry Frank & Beans. You should rest easy knowing your Moms has held the title of most Fucked-up Bitch for the past 10 yrs. and no new meat like Britney/Paris/Lindsey/Nicole or whoever, will take it from her. You have a lot to be proud of, and aspire to. Good Luck!


Luciano said...

no es francis bean, es patricia la nueva bajista de su banda, estan re equivocadosssssssssss


pau said...

SHE IS NOT FRANCES BEAN!! she is PATO the bassist of the band. you should check before posting, well anyway i guess 99% of this site is bullshit

Girl #1 said...


first of all. we don't speak mexican.

second, how the fuck are we supposed to know that the bassist in her shitty band who we forgot about in the early 90s, who looks pretty much EXACTLY like the bean:

is not actually the bean. the bean's gonna get to this state at some point anyway, so think of this post as predicting the future.

and to clarify, we bullshit a lot on this blog. a LOT. but we don't intentionally post lies and pass them off as truths. but we might one day, so don't hold us to that.