Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We lost a legend yesterday

Mr. Wizard passed away yesterday. The man who did a great job of tricking me into learning while I watched TV is no longer with us. We were all willing to overlook the fact that his name directly contradicted the science he attempted to bestow on us as long as he kept building contraptions made of pencils, corks, pins & forks.

I can't really recall any knowledge that I actually retained by watching Mr. Wizard's world, but that's not his fault. Any and all good things that Mr. Wizard did for me were promptly erased when I turned off the tv and popped Battletoads into my Nintendo, which always caused me and my brother to come to blows, usually around the cranial region - hence causing many negative repercussions. This probably explains my tendency to drift off topic, as well as providing the explanation for the many, many other things that are wrong with me. Anyhoo - you'll be missed, Mr. Wizard. Thanks for bringing the science all them years.

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