Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Uma Thurman swims in Spanx

BRRR! What's the matter, Uma Thurman? Is your Spanx swimwear not keeping you warm? Someone should let Uma know that the magic of body slimming underwear is to trick people into thinking that you are naturally slim. And that trick doesn't really work when you wear a pair of underwear as a bathing suit. You are supposed to wear them under your pants, and then when the time comes for you and your boy to make with the sex, you politely excuse yourself to the bathroom, remove the sexy underwear that you've been storing in your vagina for safe keeping, and flush the spanx down the toilet. Make sure you hit the lights on your way back into the bedroom and he'll never know! Now get some pants on, find a thong to wad up, and gently place it in your lady cave for future use.

There you go. More pics here.


Anonymous said...

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Jackie said...

I actually like that swim suit of hers. I know the point of this entry was to make fun of it, but for me its so wrong, its kind of right.

mindy said...

WHY can't this woman sport a decent swimsuit? She always looks like ass in them, and there's absolutely no reason for 6 foot tall, 123 lb woman to look like ass in a bathing suit. It goes against everything I stand for. Or something.