Wednesday, June 20, 2007

That baby is high

Looks like Tom Cruise has been feeding baby Suri the same drug-filled Xenuian milkshake as he's been feeding mommy. Alright, FINE! This picture is ridiculously cute, but don't forget that Tom Cruise is a crazy scientologist and that cute baby is going to be a crazy scientologist when she gets older. Look at the emotional pain already starting to surface in those big, glassy eyes. That is a wasted baby if I've ever seen one. And I have. Plenty of times. That is, If you count me dressing in a diaper and crying while drinking a bottle of jack daniels a wasted baby. Which I do.


nic said...

I think he sold his soul to the scientoligist alien to score such a gorgeous baby among other things...some people pay for fake eyeliner like that. She's really is beautiful!
Between her and Shiloh the war of most perfect celebrity offspring is ON!

candini said...

this drunken scientoligist babe is by far the cutest of all the celeb babies born in the last few years. look at the hair! i hear if you go scientoligist aliens turn your baby cute and give them full luxerious heads of hair at birth.

ray said...

i dont like the look of that kid. at all. i dont trust it.
sidenote - that amount of hair is not right, the kid is one step away from a mustache and a unibrow.