Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer weddings ruin lives

Ah, the first day of Summer! The greatest thing about summer is when all of your a-hole friends decide that they are going to ruin your summer by filling it with weddings & all the crap that goes with them. Showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, more showers...this is the main reason why I often find myself getting far too intoxicated at the reception. I have to dull the pain of my summer being ripped from me like how I plan on ripping sweet Henry Seal Klum from Heidi's German arms one day. Today not only marks the first official day of Summer, but also the beginning of wedding season with the first wedding I'm contractually obligated to attend. If I can pull myself from sobbing in the corner somewhere, whispering "It should have been me...Always a wedding attendee and never a bride", I may find time to update. You'll have your blank or not-a-blank tomorrow, and there will be updates from the other two jokers on this blog too. So keep checking back, have a good weekend, stop getting married in the summer, and see you Monday, if not before!


Meeg said...

Tell me about it. I'm so over going to weddings. ALL of my friends have been getting married over the last year and a half. Back in the day before I was invited to a hundred wedding I was like: oh being a wedding guest is an excuse to party. But it really isn't: between sitting through the boring ceremony, and the inevitably crap food... and all the time and money you have to sacrifice... weddings can kind of suck. Who really ends up enjoying themselves other than the bride's grandma?

Anonymous said...

Girl #1 - My wedding will be next summer, June to be exact. Suck it up, you are invited and I demand that you come. I am not paying extra for the karaoke feature and have you not attend! If you need to cry in the corner of the reception hall, that is fine. I will bring a little hankie for you. Weddings are pretty much free food and alcohol. Stop being such a whiner!!