Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stop going to Disney World

Every morning, it's the same routine. I get up. Get in the shower. Take a massive dump. Get out of the shower & go to work. Then, I sit down and open up and look at Star Tracks; their daily dose of celebrity photos. Almost every other day there is some douchebag celebrity taking some cheesy picture with a Disney character at the Magic Kingdom.

I know. Celebrities are often forced to do a lot of shameless promotion that they'd rather not do. But why do ALL celebrities have to promote Disney? Aside from the fact that they own everything (select Walt Disney Corporation from the drop down). Black celebrities, white celebrities, kid celebrities, adult celebrities. Everyone is getting their g.d. picture taken at Disney World and I've had enough! No one wants to see Steve Harvey, or anyone for that matter, with Minnie Mouse hanging on to his arm like a desperate girlfriend.

Therefore, I propose that stars either stop posing for stupid publicity photos at Disney World or at least spice the photos up a bit. I've seen you standing next to Wizard Mickey, and Pirate Mickey, and Whore Minnie. What I want to see is something more along the lines of this:

You're still promoting this monster of a corporation, but looking fly while doing it! Make it happen, celebrities. Half of you have already flashed your boobs a million times, why not fancy them up a bit for Mickey? I guarantee that it's what the people want.

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Anonymous said...

I shit, then shower...but yeah. me too!