Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Next Stop: Old Man Peen Island!

Beyonce & Jay-Z took a break from posing for the paparazzi aboard their yacht to take a nice stroll on the beach while they are boating around St. Tropez. Perhaps Jay-Z should have consulted a map, or peered at the shore with one of those old fashioned nautical telescopes before hopping onto Old Man Peen Island.

Come on, Beyonce! Just look at the wang! You know you want to! Jay doesn't seem to have a problem peripherally gazing at the elderly womb raiders scattered along the beach. Don't be shy, B...just sneak a peek!



David said...

"elderly womb raiders scattered along the beach"... brilliant

candini said...

i laughed hysterically.

Viagra Online said...

it's just my imagination or all the people in the beach is totally naked? and the those people with clothes, they must feeled like a real jackass.