Thursday, June 21, 2007

NBC is full of retards.

NBC has reportedly offered Paris Hilton a million dollars - thats right A MILLION DOLLARS - to be the first network to interview her after her release from prison.

Way to go NBC! That'll teach her a lesson! Lets pay this already rich dumbass more money just to talk about how she had to pretend to be treated like everyone else for a change. I don't even find this funny. I am appalled at how low NBC would stoop for ratings. What better lesson is there to teach Americans than to show that being irresponsible and spending time in a jail cell thats probably nicer than most people's homes, is actually the road to a million dollars? Why is everyone trying to get on a game show to win money? Just marry into a famous, wealthy family and then proceed to get a DUI, and stupidly drive on a suspended license and viola! Before you know it you could be looking at a quick 1,000,000.

Worst of all, this bitch doesn't even need the money. You'd think she'd at least offer it to charity, or a struggling blogger, but that would have to rely on her actually being a decent human being with a heart - as opposed to a transvestite-like body with a raging libido.

Not even Paris knows what to do with this "chump change" she will be receiving. Bitch is running out of places to stash her hoards of money.

But we all know one place that certainly stretches enough to have plenty of room to fit every dollar of that million.

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And look, Paris found it!



Charles Frith said...

Aren't NBC/PH clever and the viewers retards?

Jackie said...


JJ said...

Paris: "I think I've got it. If I can get a good grip on the front bumper, I can pull the whole 'Hummer' out."

Antonio Howell, M.D. said...

Great post.