Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lohan dresses to impress for AA

On a recent break from rehab to attend an AA meeting, Lindsay Lohan sported an outfit that I can only describe as something someone who was just date raped would wear. Girl wants to find a way to "get back" at the guy so she takes his favorite t-shirt and sports team jacket as her recently defeated self stumbles out of his dirty apartment, thinking that she won. I have a collection of various sports team jackets for the very same reason. He may have roofied you and left you for dead on a pile of dirty socks, but you got his beer & puke stained jacket. You win, Lindsay. You win!

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Anonymous said...

Finally something that normal people have that Lindsay won't. ALthough she's got a fancy car, personal make-up artist, famous friends, millions of dollars at least we all had 21st b-day parties... haha Linds. +1 to the normal people
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