Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kim Cattrall Hates Me.

Remember this slut from Sex and the City?

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Apparently she is also racist too. How else would you explain that after 19 years, she suddenly remembered she was almost blown up on a plane from terrorists? You just all of a sudden decided to tell your terrorist story now that its the "cool" thing to hate terrorists?

Ever seen Final Destination? You may have escaped death then, Ms. Cattrall, but we's coming for you now that you reminded us, burning towels in tow.

As punishment for hating my people I think she should have to spend the next two weeks watching the entire series of Sex and the City on TBS or the first two episodes of John From Cincinatti, I'm having a hard time figuring out which is worse.


ray said...

shes a b.

Tiny said...

The worst thing that the terrorists have ever done is not kill Kim Cattrall. (after making Mannequin.)

Anonymous said...

fuck u terrorists are scum sex and the city is fukin great i hope u blow yourself up
and why cant she talk bout her expierence why is she suspose to like that someone coulda blown her up
and shes not a slut thats a charater
now go die mono