Monday, June 11, 2007

In other news: Sienna Miller looks like an asshole

You know, it's really hard to say what could compel someone to thrown on a sweatshirt that they've altered by cutting the wristbands off, layered with a baggy white t-shirt, then top it all off with a denim vest, some umbro shorts, & slouchy moccasins. But I think what really makes the "I'm a complete idiot" statement ring especially true with this outfit is the addition of the suede cowboy hat. Sienna really pulls off the "retarded Indian goes for a jog" look quite well.


Meeg said...

I think she looks like she might live in a small village in the country, and all the villagers would be like "Ah, that's our Siena. She's just a little slow, bless her heart."

mindy said...

Sienna Miller always looks like an asshole, though.