Monday, June 4, 2007

I'm a knife...Knifin' around...


When these pictures of Linday Lohan and what could be an anorexic Vanessa Minnillo surfaced this weekend it didn't really shock me all that much. Who hasn't played a rousing game of "Pin the Knife on the Coke Whore" when you've had just a liiiitle too much blow? I honestly would have loved to be at this party, just to hear the conversation that led up to the knives being busted out.

Ano Minnillo: Linds...I'm bored.

Lindsay: Who are you?

Ano Minnillo: What do you want to dooooo?

Lindsay: I can taste feelings.

Ano Minnillo: Here put this knife to my throat and then look at me like you's gonna bone me.

Lindsay: Done and done!


Anonymous said...

i totally don't get it- i cannot wrap my mind around what is going on here...even in my wildest drug-crazed days- this was not happening. guess i was doin' the right smack with the right people. guess i'll get back off the wagon. L-lo here i come!

Anonymous said...

wasn't. WAS NOT doing the the right smack with the right people.

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