Friday, June 1, 2007

I told you those kids were bad

Look at what Evil White Klum is doing to my poor little Henry Seal Klum! Remember yesterday when I suggested that Heidi Klum's children must be descendants from the Dark One in order for her to enlist the help of 4 other people to take care of them? Well it turns out that I was right. When alone, Heidi has to trick her kids with delicious ice creams in order to keep Evil White Klum from pulling that little darling's afro. Just look at the borderline insanity plastered on Heidi's face:

My guess is that Evil White Klum ate Heidi's treat and then spat it in her face. Yo Seal, where you be at? This German wife of yours is about 2 seconds away from going all Nazi on your kids. P.S. Happy Birthday, Heidi!


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