Friday, June 15, 2007

How I spent my Friday

I've been playing the Atari Journey game all the live long day today. So, that - combined with the complete and total lack of worthwhile gossip should excuse my absence from the blog today. No? You dicks are still pissed? Fine. In honor of what has been unanimously praised as "The greatest series finale in the known universe", I shall give you another Journey song, to remind you of the greatness that was the Sopranos finale this week, as well as the sheer power that one gets when one combines the sex appeal of Steve Perry with the flat-top & spandex of Randy Jackson:

Also, for real this time, this is no longer a request. I need some suggestions for blank or not-a-blank. Leave them in the comments, assholes. Oh, and HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!


hothamwater said...

john mayer douche or not a douche
jessica simpson man or not a man
jennifer aniston clang or not a clang
eva longoria twat or not a twat
lily allen bitch or not a bitch

Anonymous said...

Certainly not the greatest series finale.