Monday, June 18, 2007

Hey, Hey...Oh no...No!

When a legend such as Bill Cosby starts wearing crocs out of the house (Yeah, that's right. You heard me, I said "out of the house". I recieved a pair of crocs for Christmas last year and they are the PERFECT choice of footwear for stepping over all the piles of dead babies in my basement, but even I would never wear them anywhere else.) and sweatpants to accentuate his beer can pretty much safely assume that the end times are upon us. I'm not saying that I expected much more from the man who showed us all how beautiful a multi-colored sweater could actually be:

But crocs, man? Crocs prominently displayed by way of an upright come and get it pose is really just too sad for words. But I'm glad to see that you've been drinking heavily. Keep that up, for sure.



Anonymous said...

I wore my pink Crocs to the Hazel Park Farmer Jack. I ain't too proud!


Stephanie said...

hey... bitch ass... you lay off the croc-talk. i'll punch ya right in the labia.