Monday, June 18, 2007

He blinded her with Scientology

Looks like Katie Holmes has had one too many of Tom's "Happy Fun Time Xenuian milkshakes" - which consist of milk, vanilla ice cream, and of course, a whole shit ton of Valium. At least Tom is giving her enough to render her comatose. Any less and she'd probably be like the late, great Anna Nicole Smith and you know that Tom would not be having that. I'm glad he has those sick sunglasses on, that way I don't have to see the fiery rage exploding in his eyes. I can't judge him though, since this is the way I will be raising my children. Children are best rarely seen and never heard, and to achieve that goal - they need to be heavily sedated at all times. At least Tom is helping Katie walk. I'll probably just end up tossing my children in a potato sack and throwing them over my shoulder like Santa if I'm ever forced to take them anywhere.

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