Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Does this get your broomstick's attention?

Emma Watson airs out her vagina

A question to dude Harry Potter fans: Do y'all pull the root to Emma Watson? I'm just asking because I know that when these pictures of Daniel Radcliffe's ass surfaced, I most certainly flicked the bean a little bit. Okay, I can't even let that one slide. I didn't flick the bean...but I thought about it. I guess at 17 years of age, Emma Watson is barely illegal, so you shouldn't get too down on yourself if you want to bone Hermione right about now. Even though that does mean that you are a pedophile. But hey, you can't win 'em all. Let's just let her enjoy her innocence for a little while longer, though. Pretty soon, she'll most likely join the rest of young Hollywood in coked up debauchery that ends in a series of corpse-like photos being taken and plastered all over the internets. I just want to let Hermione know that it doesn't have to be like that. Just because a bunch of geeky, sex deprived fan boys are draining the vein in your honor, doesn't mean you have to lose all of your self respect. Just hold on to your fame loosely, girl.

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mindy said...

FLICK THE BEAN? Omigod, that is simultaneously hilarious and gross.

Hermione's gettin' hot though, no doubt about that. And Harry....well....YEAH!

Karl E said...

I think 38special had one too many drummers and about three too many guitar players. I think that circus act is coming to Lansing's debauchery festival this know...(lowest)common(denominator)ground. It seriously brings the trolls out from under the rocks.