Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Christina Aguilera...Pregnant?

OR is she simply wildly insecure about her overly petite frame? Don't ask me why I've noticed that she's been covering up her belly lately. Perhaps I am surprised that I haven't seen a part of her body that she is usually so comfortable with showing off. Or maybe I simply have no choice but to look at her, as her orange glow pulls me in like some sort of cancerous tractor beam. Either way, this girl has been resisting the urge to slut it up to the extreme these days, and it's getting me a little worried. Has she gained 5 lbs topping her weight off at a cool 103 lbs, thus making her join the ranks of the fatties? Or does she have a little slutty bun in the oven, courtesy of her unfortunate choice in a husband? Let's have a closer look at Xtina over the past couple days, and you decide!

I know we all like to wear cargo pants and heavy jackets in the summer, so this may not be the best example.

Is that a baby bump I see??? Oh wait...that's her boob.

The best side shot I could find is above. She doesn't look preggo, but you know how those malnourished types have a tendency to only gain a maximum of 10 lbs during their entire pregnancy. And I firmly believe that the only thing that could curb Christina's slutty side would be that a parasite has decided to take form inside of her uterus. I'm going with pregnant! Congratulations Xtina & strange looking man! Let the internet rumors begin!!


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Anonymous said...

Why do we always try to out whoever we think is pregnant. Its bad luck to tell people before 2 and a half months. Why are we trying to force bad luck onto people.