Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Britney Spears almost flashes a boob

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And I'm sure all of us almost care. This is what happens when there's a slow news day, people. It was either this, or 'Paris Hilton knits teddy bears for the homeless out of the spaghetti she's not eating in jail'. Which obviously would be the superior story if it was true. Which it's not. Just click the photo if you want to see the outer rim of Britney Spears' boobie. I think we can chalk this up to some progress being made though, right guys? I mean, old Britney probably would have just laughed as her dress was falling down, and then squeezed out any milk that Jaden James didn't eat by grabbing her boob like a cow udder and squirting it at the photographer. You're getting there, girl. Slowly but surely, you're getting there.


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