Thursday, June 14, 2007

Britney needs your help, y'all!

Do not attempt to adjust your monitors. Britney Spears actually posted this humble request on her website. While every gossip blog has already offered their witty album title suggestions, I'd like to urge Ms. Spears to break the mold, yet again, by coming up with a totally new, totally sweet way of naming her new album. The key here would be not to use a name at all. Names are fucking stupid. I say, do one of two things. Either choose a picture of yourself that accurately portrays where you are in your life currently, thus letting the picture replace the played out album names of yore. My suggestion of a picture to use:

It's honest! It's broke-down! It's totally you! But if you really want to shake things up, I suggest spending some of your undeserved millions on adding a video component to the cover of each cd you release. That way, people can watch a video that serves as a preview, or a visual interpretation of sorts, of your new album. Since I'm always looking out for you girl, I've found the perfect video that would accurately convey what listening to your new album would be like:

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