Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another reason to love The Stamos

As if you needed another reason. Here is John Stamos all sauced up in an Austrailian TV interview. The day before this television interview, he was kicked out of an interview with the Daily Telegraph for being wasted, which he spun as being jet lagged. This video above was too long for me to watch (anything longer than 3 minutes needs to be on par with Vagina Power in order to hold my attention), but if you click through it, you'll see that The Stamos eventually ends up practically sitting on the lady's lap. Uncle Jesse, you can get wasted and sit on my lap any day. I'll kick you out...right out of my lap and into my vagina.


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gdaysunshine said...

Thanks for posting this...made me chuckle. Stamos is a riot! The guy has been going downhill since he got dumped by Rebecca Romjin.