Thursday, June 14, 2007

Akon's sorry about the grinding

Akon has released an apology song, apologizing for his entire life, but most importantly, he's sorry about that pesky humping incident (but he's not apologizing for the tossing incident....yet). You can listen to it here. You know, the song would have been much better if Akon would have consulted me before he penned his deep, remorseful ballad. I wrote some lyrics for him anyway. Maybe he'll release a remix?

I'm sorry that I humped you in the face.

I'm sorry that I humped you in the leg.

I'm sorry that I humped you in the hair.

I'm sorry that I humped you in the air.

I'm sorry that I humped you on the stage.

But really I'm just sorry that you were underage.

I understand that there's some problems. And I'm not too blind to know, all the pain you kept inside you, is because I grinded you across the floor.

You can put the blame on me.
You can put the blame on me.
You can put the blame on me,
as long as I can put my wang on you.

I'm a lyrical genius.


akonlover#1 said...

dude ur so stuoid u have to be the stupidest person ever seriously don't ever ever make fun of akons song like tht ever agian u stupied bitch. grow up and face reality the girl was suppose to be 21 u dumass shes the bitch the snuk in the club. and obviuosly u dont have any manners because akon is older than u and ur disrespecting him dumass. dont talk about akon like tht ever again. fuk u and all akon haters.

Anonymous said...

idk what to say. first of all anyone who thinks it was akons bad is a dumb ass. The club that he was performing in was for people over 18 so he had every right and then some to think that the girl was legal. Also what does that show on the father of the girls part??? How can he be pissed at akon? it was totally that girls fault for dressing like that and her fathers fault for letting her out like that. this is all bull sht and Akon didnt even have to do that song but he did cause he is tight like that and yeah fuk all u haters!

anonymous said...

aiight. leave girl 1 alone, she's just doin her job. not like the rest of us postin shit while sittin on our asses at home juss tryin look for entertainment on these stupid ass bloggers cause we really got no life. anyway true that lil girl didnt have noo right to be in that club, but still akon should have a fukin head head on his shoulders and be a man not a perv and hump a lil bytch on stage at a performance. whos fault that is? akon. man u ppl somedays. akon should have some common sense, and be more lil less stupid and speak wit his head not his tool....juss like r.kelly. im not hater or liker of akon i just listen to music. im a person like the rest of yall speakin their mind. PCE bytches (if u dont like it. thats ur problem not mine) im out

Anonymous said...

Akon is a total douchebag. He needs to be more original. Ew, and I hate his nasty voice.