Tuesday, June 19, 2007

2 things that caused my she-bone to rage today

Here we have Jude Law with his most recent "mystery woman" who is already proving to be an excellent influence on him merely judging from the necktie tucked into the v-neck, and the pool of sweat that he is wallowing in. That, combined with the "too high to speak" look in his lover's eyes created a she-bone the likes of which had never been seen. Until I saw this:

Oh, to be Matt Damon at this moment, gazing upon the exposed, glowing white ass of Ben Affleck. I'm assuming that the ass of his black short shorts is ripped open just by looking at the current state of the front of his shorts. That would explain the look of sheer joy on Damon's face as he gazes into the place where he will most certainly be surfing later.

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mindy said...

Matt Damon is sexy. Ben Affleck: not so much.