Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Why doesn't anyone want to be near me?

I know we already talked about the insane level of fug Jessica Simpson attained last night, but I don't think The Jesus would forgive me if I didn't draw special attention to this photo. I can't even find words for this photo, but by the way John Mayer is dragging his wide-eyed "lady" friend behind him, I think it's safe to say that these two may be heading for a break-up in the near future. Unless he enjoys sleeping with an overtanned mer-man. Even Ken Paves is hanging his head in shame. I'm putting this as an early front-runner for the best celebrity photo of 2007. Sweet Jesus, I'd put this as my desktop background if I didn't think it would give my monitor some sort of sea-disease.


mindy said...

Whenever you see pictures of these two John Mayer always looks totally disinterested...and while she may not be looking her best here, she's a helluva lot hotter than BigHead Mayer, I'll tell you that right now. He's not going to do any better, so he should probably try to at least feign interest in her. Dontcha think??

nic said...

1) Thank god John Mayer released that small animal off the top of his head.

2) He is NOT with her, he is with her boobs...John's not a dumb guy, but he is a guy and he's getting something that most guys have to pay for...for free!!

3) I cannot believe that someone let her leave the house looking like such a stripper to go to one of the most sophisticated fashion events of the year. Even if you do think the fashions were out of control/fugly.

4) Where Parker Posey looks ridiculous in a I-will-never-get-to-wear-this-kind-of-couture-to-any-other-event-so-here-it-is-fuckers!! kind of way. JS just looks like a whore. Seriously, no one is looking at the dress!! Which BTW is so gross!

5) I hate myself for being so concerned!