Wednesday, May 9, 2007

While Paris Hilton gently weeps

In a rare touching moment, jail-bound whore Paris Hilton weeps as she leaves her lawyer's office. It is times like this that really make me think about what I do here on the blog. I mean, we sit here and pass judgment and ridicule on these poor celebrities who are just trying to live their lives. Man, all I have to say is...

KEEP CRYING BITCH! HAHAHA! You'll really be crying when you are forced to lick all sorts of vag in the clink. Those crazy butch lesbians will only laugh at your tears, just as I am. I've seen Reform School Girls, I know how this shit works. And it works like this:

Yeah, get ready to get tore up, Paris. TMZ posted this video of the tears in action. Paris weeps as she and her mom bump Christina Aguilera's song Candyman (unless Xtina is advertising on paparazzi videos now) and Paris' mom begins to console her, but then briefly glances down to make sure that her shirt is still open enough to show the goods if the cameras are at the right angle. Even your mom doesn't care that much about you, Paris. June 5 will be a glorious day, indeed.


jambles said...

you know she is going to have to suckle on some clang.

Anonymous said...

call me a fool but I feel bad for her.