Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We love our gay son

Sarah Jessica Parker has been forced to talk to her son about The Gays. Little James Wilke Broderick is only four years old, but he's already inquiring as to why some men like to place their penis's into the assholes of other men:

"He's very interested in what being gay is... because so many of our friends are gay. "You (have to) think very carefully and you're prudent about the choice of words and you talk about people looking for happiness and fulfillment in your life and how all families are different and look different. "You're forced to really consider your answers. You're forced to think a lot about what you're saying and how you're saying it - even the tone."

I think the obvious answer to the little one's question is that The Gays are magical creatures, often affectionately known to one another as faeries, who have helped mommy and daddy afford the extravagant lifestyle that you enjoy by buying every piece of Sex and the City memorabilia with mommy's face on it and by attending every musical daddy has ever been in. They also bathe in sin and some of them even wear heels...just like mommy! It is also wise to take this opportunity to turn your son gay, as The Gays will align with the Jews in 2015 and take over the world. You've already won half the battle by naming your son James Wilke. Now finish the job.

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