Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today on R. Kelly TV...

Welcome to the first installment of a new semi-regular feature on TGG called "Today on R. Kelly TV". R. Kelly created a channel on youtube to promote his new album "Double Up" which came out yesterday (you can listen to a few of the tracks here). So far, I have learned that R. Kelly can go from talking about Notorious B.I.G. to singing "I believe I can fly" in less than a second. Another thing I've learned is that R. Kelly really likes the song "I believe I can fly" as he seems to be mentioning it a lot. That's not my favorite R. Kelly jam, and I'm kind of surprised (and a bit disappointed) that he likes it so much. Luckily my favorite R. Kelly Jam (next to "Gotham City" of course, which he curiously has yet to say anything about) is available on R. Kelly TV. Also not mentioned yet...his sex tape. But I'm sure he'll get to that in good time, but for now - Let's see what R. Kelly is doing...TODAY ON R. KELLY TV:

R. KELLY EATS A COOKIE! Then he says...if he keeps eating cookies...wait for it....WAIT...FOR...IT....






And with that, my day is complete.


Anonymous said...

You remind me of my jeep,
I wanna ride it,
somethin' like my sounds,
I wanna pump it,
Girl you look just like my car,
I wanna wax it,
somethin' like my bank account,
I wanna spend it, baby...

my favorite R. Kelly jam, from me to you, Girl #1!


nic said...

Oo Oo Oo, Marie!!! I came here to say the SAME THING. That jam is HOT! Mysogynisitc and wrong in so many ways, but definitely my favorite!!